Chris Hemsworth would like to appear as Thor in Deadpool 3 only to anger Hugh Jackman

Kevin Feige recently teased that plans for the next saga will become clearer sooner than one might expect. One of the next big films that the studio has in development is the third film by Deadpool. Which will bring back Ryan Reynolds and will reunite him with the frequent collaborator Shawn Levy. Levy is directing the third film and anticipated that he’d love to work with Hugh Jackman and Reynolds. So fans already think we might see a Wolverine appearance. Chris Hemsworth recently discussed Deadpool 3 and joked that he would appear as Thor in the movie only to anger Jackman.

During a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, the actor revealed that he would “make a few calls” just to make sure Jackman doesn’t appear as Wolverine in the movie. “I make a few calls to make sure Jackman doesn’t appear in Deadpool 3. But instead of him, I’ll be there. This would be the offer ”. The statement is quite hilarious and is more than just a funny back and forth between Aussie actors.

The film Thor: Love and Thunder he will introduce us to the wicked Gorr the God Butcherwhich will be played by Christian Bale. And we will reintroduce Natalie Portman in the role of Jane Foster / Mighty Thor. Hemsworth previously described what it was like to work with Bale on set, calling it “really scary,” and now the actor detailed the villains’ complex backstory in a recent interview with D23 Magazine.

“Gorr is not a simple villain… there is a real complexity to him. He is not black and white, what he is doing. He has a genuine motivation, which I think makes him a more interesting type of villain, ”Hemsworth said. “He’s really busy for Thor, because the series of questions that Gorr asks contains some truth, but he cannot let Gorr destroy the universe. This, I think, makes it a bigger and not so predictable dynamic. “

Marvel Studios describe the film as follows: “The film finds Thor (Chris Hemsworth) on a journey unlike anything I’ve ever faced: a search for inner peace. But his withdrawal is interrupted by a galactic killer known as Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), who seeks the extinction of the gods. To combat the threat, Thor enlisted the help of Valkyria (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Taika Waititi) and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)which to the surprise of Thorinexplicably wields his magic hammer, Mjolnirin the shoes of the powerful Thor. Together, they embark on a harrowing cosmic adventure to unravel the mystery of the God Butcher’s revenge and stop him before it’s too late.

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