Chris Jericho again attacks the WWE: “They have awful cartoon dialogues!”


It has now become customary to listen and report what are the hits that the wrestlers of the AEW and the WWE trim each time they talk about the competition, with different names always at the center of attention and one of these is one of the athletes who made the story in both the McMahon and Khan federations, we are talking about the WWE multi-champion and current absolute champion of the All Elite Wrestling: Chris Jericho.

After spending about 20 years at the McMahon court, Jericho made the famous “barricade jump”, going to bet everything on what seems to be the only American company to be able even to minimally worry the WWE, at least as regards the plays on Wednesday night.

Evening in which there is a war of viewers between NXT of the WWE and Dynamite of the AEW. During the last episode of the podcast of the historic Mexican athlete Konnan, dear friend of the same Jericho as well as of other important wrestling personalities such as Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and many others, Le Champion of AEW paused to talk about the ways of dialogue that puts WWE is on stage, comparing them to cartoon dialogues and calling them fake and childish. 

Regarding what was seen at Survivor Series, Y2J said: 

I saw Survivor Series, it was really good, but there was also that promo with The Miz and Daniel Bryan, where Miz says’ for our children’s sake and of our families you must stop The Fiend.”

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