Chris Martin: impromptu concert video in the pub

It happens that you are quietly drinking your beer in a pub in the English countryside, when, suddenly, your day is turning. In the sense that at the table next to yours sits a couple who have something familiar. And while they too order a fresh pint, the lightning. But those are Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson! No, it is not a fairy tale. That’s what really happened at The Stag Inn at Hinton Charterhouse near Bath.

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Chris Martin’s impromptu gig in an English pub, where he stopped with Dakota Johsnon for a beer, went viral. Between the amazement and the happiness of the patrons of The Stag Inn in Bath Here it is. Photo Ansa

An impromptu concert over a beer

Returning from his performance at the Glastonbury Festival, the singer of Coldplay, in the company of his girlfriend, stopped along the way. It only took a few seconds for him to be recognized. And since there was a piano in the room, Chris Martin didn’t think twice about sitting down and serenading the couple sitting next to him and Dakota Johnson.

On the notes of Sky Full of Stars

The Sky Full of Stars video, taken from the 2014 album, Ghost Stories, quickly went viral. “You never know who comes in the door for a pint,” commented the owner of the pub, Chris Parkin. That recorded the video you see at the top of the page. “I’ve seen so many things happening in here, but none like this. It was surreal. What a great man Chris Martin is. ‘


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