Chris Martin performed in a pub for a couple about to get married

You go to a pub for a beer and you find yourself in front … Chris Martin singing especially for you. This is what happened in a small town in England to an engaged couple who is about to get married.

The singer of Coldplay improvised a special performance on the floor of the club, singing one of his group’s hits, “A Sky Full of Stars”, Especially for the lucky customers of the pub.

Last weekend Chris Martin was returning with his girlfriend Dakota Johnson from the festival of Glastonbury, which the two participated in the audience. On the return journey they stopped at The Stag Inna pub near Bathin England.

Chris Parkinwho has been running the venue for 29 years, told SWNS what happened: “I was sitting at the bar with one of my colleagues after finishing a very busy Sunday shift when he suddenly walked in and ordered two Guinnesses. I thought, ‘That guy looks just like Chris Martin!’ Then his assistant turned around and said, ‘He is!’“.

Parkin explained that the leader of Coldplay performed for an engaged couple: “We were all talking about the wedding, when suddenly Chris turns around and asks what was going on. Jeremy and Hannah told him about their wedding and said their first dance would be to the tune of ‘A Sky Full of Stars’. So he asked, ‘Do you want me to play it for you?’ We were all amazed! Then he sat down and started playing, he was absolutely adorable“.

The divorced Chris Martin, who from 2003 to 2016 he was married to Gwyneth Paltrowhe also offered some marital advice: “She said she was having a bit of a hangover after Glastonbury, gave some tips on marriage and told Jeremy: ‘Make sure you listen to your partner.’ We had a laugh. Chris said he’d like to stay and have another drink, but they had to go so they went!“.

Chris Parkin also admitted that he didn’t know who Dakota Johnson was.

On Twitter you can see the video of Chris Martin’s performance posted on The Stag Inn pub profile.

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