Chris Pratt bends but doesn’t break in the new Prime Video series

Starting July 1 on Prime Video’s streaming service, the new action series Terminal List shows Chris Pratt in a serious and dramatic role like he has never played before.

The catalog of Prime Video is enriched with a new series which will appeal to those who are fond of stories action / thriller and that, after seeing Jack Ryan And Jack Reacher, is looking for the same level of quality that American productions can guarantee. Self Tom Clancy And Lee Childrespectively, are the authors of the many novels that inspired those series, Jack Carr he is instead the writer who currently has five books on the Navy SEAL James Reece to his credit, of which Terminal List is the first from which the series is based. The eight episodes they are all available exclusively on Prime Video from 1 July.

Protagonist and executive producer is Chris Prattwhich we just saw in the cinema in Jurassic World: Domination and that we are about to review in the role of Star Lord in Thor: Love and Thunder. There’s just the actor behind the whole project, playing the lead role in what he is a very serious revenge thriller, at times brutal and which does not contemplate any ironic nuance.

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Terminal List: Chris Pratt bought the rights to the book by agreeing with Antoine Fuqua

When he participated in the filming of Zero Dark Thirty in a supporting role in 2011 and still hadn’t become a movie star, Chris Pratt he had had the opportunity to go to Coronado Naval Base in California to undergo some training for real Navy Seals. Jared Shaw“the soldier who had the task of following me, became one of my best friends and some time ago he told me about a friend of his named Jack Carra former Navy Seal, who was about to publish a book called Terminal List that could become a good film “says the actor who immediately tried to buy the rights to the novel.” I learned that even Antoine Fuquawith whom I had worked for The magnificent 7, he was interested, so I called him to tell him that instead of contending for the rights to the book we could team up. Let me buy the rights and I’ll make it yours, I told him. So we did, only to realize that the story would fit better into a series rather than a movie. “

“The book is a political thriller, we made it more of a psychological thriller with conspiracy elements” keep on Pratt. “My friend Jared joined the project as a co-producer and in addition to him we have hired many former Navy Seals, both in front of and behind the camera, to ensure maximum authenticity.” It is the first time we see Chris Pratt, an action movie hero who never gives up a good dose of humor, in an extremely serious and dramatic role that leaves no room for any jokes. “I’m very proud of it, it’s a job unlike anything I’ve done before.”

Watch Terminal List on Prime Video now

Terminal List: Prime Video series plot and trailer with Chris Pratt

Beyond Chris Prattthe cast of Terminal List also includes Constance Wu, Taylor Kitsch, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, Jai Courtney, JD Pardo, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Gunn, Jared Shaw And Christina Vidal. Executive producers are the same Pratt, Antoine Fuqua who directed the first episode, the showrunner Dave DiGilio and the author of the novels Jack Carr.

The series follows James Reece who, after watching his Navy SEAL team die in an ambush during a covert operation, returns home to his family in a confused state. Memories of that event are clouded as the suspicion rises that someone has betrayed them. Reece goes in search of evidence with the help of a reporter, but realizes that dark forces are working against him, endangering not only his life but also those of those he loves.

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