Chrissy Teigen fans worried about her shrinking figure after stepping out pantsless in New York: ‘Ozone?’

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend She celebrated the “All of Me” singer’s 45th birthday last week with a stylish outing in New York City, and while they both sported very chic looks, it was the former model that all fans could keep an eye on How terribly thin. Wearing racy hot pants and fishnet stockings, many fans pointed out that her legs looked unhealthy and even asked her if she took the diabetes weight loss drug Ozempic. Read on for more information.

Chrissy Teigen outing in New York

The birthday celebration included a trip to Ralph Lauren’s Manhattan restaurant, The Polo Bar. The couple walked hand-in-hand in all-black outfits: Kris embraced the “no pants” trend, wearing velvet hot pants with ties at the sides and a pair of fishnet stockings underneath. She added a long-sleeved low-cut sheer shirt over it and carried a gold metallic handbag as accessories. See the photos here!

John also wore an all-black outfit, matching black trousers, an open silk shirt and a black blazer. They looked straight out of New York street style, but Kris’s long, slender legs were really the most head-turning element of the outfit. With so many celebrities admitting to using Ozempic (re: Oprah, Sharon Osbourne, Amy Schumer) and many celebrities doubting its use (re: nearly all of the Kardashian-Jenner family), fans are wondering Know if Chrissy Teigen has used Ozempic. also conforms to this trend.

Fans are wondering if Chrissy Teigen is in Ozempic?

Many of the paparazzi photos were posted on Instagram, with fans sharing their thoughts in the comments section. “Seriously, I need an Ozempic script because everyone looks so good,” one fan wrote.

“Ozone?” one fan asked simply.

Another fan said: “Ugh I need some ozone in my life.”

“Damn, is she using Ozempic???” another fan asked. “Her legs look very thin.”

Others just liked Kris’s outfit and told her so. “The girl is rocking those shorts!” one fan said. “Gorgeous!”

“She looks great!” added another.

“Wow she looks beautiful,” one fan wrote. “Legs reaching heaven!”

“Kris looks great!” one final fan wrote.

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