Chrissy Teigen shows off new body after surgery

Chrissy Teigen stays on full recovery after a breast reduction, after removal of their silicone implants. The model proved in recent months that already causes problems, having breast implants, and therefore decided that it is time to pull them. And wife of John Legend showed the result of plastic surgery through his Instagram when he posted pictures of the house with the family.

The model has demonstrated its physical form, proudly posing with clothes decotada, of course, pleased with the results of the procedure. All new photos from Instagram came after Chrissy, 34, showed off her surgical scars in the video on Thursday (25).

The collection of photos on Instagram, author of cookbooks showed confidence in the pit girl costume with zipper, leaving the exhibition of his new pair to his chest.

Chrissy also shared a photo of the moon, four years, and miles, two, wear clothes out of the race. The family was in His Kart World in Carson, along with several friends, and they in turn to run on the treadmill. Recently, Chrissy Teigen said goodbye to her silicon implants, share photos of the cake on funny breast size. Dessert was tombstone grey with the inscription “RIP 2006-2020”.

The date range is the period that Chrissy left implants. Under the tombstones, two large Breasts covered by a black bra and is surrounded by white frosting. Recently admitted in an interview with Glamour UK that he’s sorry about all the plastic surgeries that have already done and said that I wanted her to remove silicone implants, because it was one of his biggest regrets.

During the conversation, Chrissie showed that had surgery on the chest in the early 20-ies: “I put the silicone for 20 years. It was good to be in a bathing suit. I thought if I’m going to pose, lying on your back, I want them to become’. But when a man has children and they are filled with breast milk and empty, I thought, ‘ferrei.'”

She explained: “Honestly, I use the same room. All filled up, and they were more redondinhos and more elastic. Put 1/4 from the bottom, and filled the line of the breast,” he said.

Despite the fact that for many years seemed beautiful, Chrissie said, in fact, she wants to take silicone, but recognizes that the operation leaves worried.

“I want them now. If I had to do something to lift them. I think we need to change implants every ten years. But when we have children, we believe that the risk of surgery, and I think this is not how I want to die in surgery, to put on or to remove silicone”, he claimed.

Over the years, she believes that this kind of aesthetic procedure only to regret it after: “you can’t give expectations for all that everything is perfect. People must filter what they do, edit, use Facetune, you forget how their body and face normal. Not only does that people experience envy of other bodies. This is false by default. But if we want our children to feel comfortable in their own skins, we want to say it all and let them decide.”

Chrissy Teigen prepares for breast surgery
Chrissy Teigen regrets all operations

Chrissy Teigen with her full Breasts in 2011

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