Christian Bale Does Not Want to Know Any More About Extreme Weight Changes After Le Mans ’66


After having to put on several pounds per Vice – The Man in the Shadow, and having to lose many more for Le Mans ’66 – The Great ChallengeChristian Bale doesn’t want to know any more about getting fat or losing weight (too much and too much hurry) for a role.

If there is an actor renowned throughout Hollywood for the sacrifices he makes in the name of the roles he plays, that’s Christian Bale.

The British artist has in fact shown his dedication to the part several times through extreme physical changes, sometimes even rather “sudden”, due to production needs, as happened with Le Mans ’66 – La Grande Sfida , for which he had to lose a quantity huge in weight after having just bought almost as much for the role of Dick Cheney in Vice.

But now, the actor of L’Uomo Senza Son and American Hustle (two other films that in physical evidence, certainly not joking) confessed to wanting to cut through these drastic changes in weight.

“I keep saying that I don’t want to know any more, and I think now it’s really time to quit,” Bale said in an interview with CBS.

Meanwhile, the Le Mans ’66 co-star, Matt Damon, praises his colleague’s efforts and commitment.

“He has an incredibly iron discipline, like that of the monks, and when he was told he had to lose weight … He went from Dick Cheney to Ken Miles. He had to lose more than 30 kilos.”

And if you want to see Bale’s latest work, don’t miss Le Mans ’66, at the cinema next week (at this link you can read our review of Le Mans ’66 – La Grande Sfida ).


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