Christian Louboutin: this is how shoes with red soles are born

Christian Louboutin was not looking for a stylistic figure and yet that red lacquer-effect sole determined the success of his shoes

If we think of his latest genderless ankle boot, this one appears decidedly sober compared to the killer heights of all the sparkling and shameless décolleté that have made millions of women (and not only) dream: but both faithfully reproduce the red lacquer sole, a detail that since it immediately becomes the stylistic signature of the maison. That brushstroke even transformed the shoes (already beautiful) into an object of desire with a fetish allure, so desired by the protagonists of Gossip Girl And Sex and the Cityto become a cult accessory (not only for shoes addicted).

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For some stars, the passion for Christian Louboutin shoes has turned into a craze: it is rumored that Christina Aguilera owns more than 300, competing with actress Blake Lively. Even Yves Saint Laurent noticed his commendable work so much that he chose him to design the shoes for the 2002 farewell show.

Christina Aguilera

Toni Anne Barson Archive

Blake Lively

Raymond Hall

Thus was born the “Rouge Louboutin”

The devotion to footwear has grown over the years, cultivated since childhood. On the occasion of the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to him in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Christian Louboutin says that at the age of 9 he was enchanted by the treasures kept there, from tribal masks to artifacts from ancient Egypt, his first time travel that has become a source of inspiration. But that visit was also an opportunity to see the first drawing of a shoe: it is a sign depicting the silhouette of a 1950s-style stiletto that prohibits people from wearing high heels in the museum to preserve the floor. mosaic.

Christian Louboutin

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