Christina Milian Learns Sign Language for Her Son Kenna!

Christina Milian made the buzz on Instagram by revealing a few words in sign language to teach her youngest, Kenna.

Christina Milian melts the web thanks to a photo posted in an Instagram story. The young mother has just revealed a few words to teach Kenna in sign language.


Before knowing great love, Christina Milian has indeed lived a story at great speed V. Moreover, she laughed at her own naivety a few days ago on social networks.

Very close to her community, the star does not hesitate to share her daily life and her experiences. So much so that she recently returned to the moment when she announced her pregnancy to her former husband.

And the least we can say is that M Pokora’s girlfriend is not shy. As soon as her relationship with The-Dream was formalized, the pretty brunette spun off to Las Vegas with her new companion in order to get the ring on her finger.

And only a few weeks later, she proudly announced her pregnancy. Pregnant for the first time, the actress was in heaven. Unfortunately, the marital bliss did not last.

Indeed, her marriage quickly collapsed. And his fairy tale with the rapper will not even last 1 year. A sad story that nevertheless allowed Christina Milian to give life to a magnificent being.

Today, moreover, she can boast of having found the perfect fit. For several years, she has been in a relationship with the handsome M Pokora.

A relationship between France and Los Angeles seems to delight fans of the singer. Together, they even made the decision to start a big, beautiful family.


January 20, 2020, therefore marks an important date for M Pokora and his companion since Isaiah was discovering the world for the first time. Violet finally had a little brother. Matt was very happy.

But that’s not all! Less than a year later, the young woman announced another great news on the networks. Eh yes! Both parents had put the table back. The star was pregnant again. 

She was thus expecting her third child. Christina Milian has therefore once again enlarged her little family on April 24, 2021. Kenna, the youngest, also melts the hearts of fans. 

And for the moment, no question of showing his face to the public. That’s why each new photo puts the star’s community in turmoil.

Desperate to preserve her family intimacy, the pretty brunette nonetheless reveals some aspects of her life as a mother. On social networks, she also posted an interesting image online.

A few words to teach your child in order to communicate with him in sign language“Milk”, “Eat”; “Thank you”, “Please”. Simple things that might make it easier for Kenna to express her needs.

A great initiative that the fans undoubtedly did not hesitate to applaud. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that Christina Milian is a golden mom!

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