Christmas Rai and Mediaset programming | Here’s what to see on TV this holiday season

Christmas TV programming – Pixabay

Here is the television programming at Christmas and the films that can be enjoyed sitting comfortably on the sofa at home on 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th December next. What’s to know.

In addition to the religious aspect, which remains the main distinctive feature of the Christmas timethe holidays that affect the end of the year and extend into the first week of January, are notorious for the amount of time everyone spends indoors.

TV programming at Christmas
TV programming at Christmas – Pixabay

Unlike other holiday periods, perhaps due to bad weather and seasonal temperatures, many compatriots like to spend most of the holidays at home. Between lunches and dinners and conversations in front of the fireplace, the cameo is soon served. To fill the days also comes in handy television programmingfull of appointments and films to follow.

Rai and Mediaset programming at Christmas

Christmas is the party par excellence of tradition, so here are two films on the subject: Notting Hill and Love actually on December 23 on network 4. The first is a cult of romance, with leading actors Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. She is a famous actress while he owns a bookshop in the heart of London. She is a casual diva, he is a somewhat shady and awkward intellectual. The spark of love is triggered between them, but not everything seems as easy as one might think.

As for the second film, it is a comedy about Christmas. Also in this case Hugh Grant returns as the protagonist, who will play the role of prime minister and will be attracted to Natalie (Martine McCutehon). To enrich the cast also Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth and other famous artists.

Other films of the Christmas period

In addition to those already mentioned, evergreens will be broadcast Mom I missed the plane (on Italia 1), which will tell the story of Kevin McCallister, and, needless to say, An armchair for two (Italy 1) with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. The latter scheduled for December 24th. Still on the same day on Rai 1 there will be instead I am Santa Claus. The latest film by the Roman comedian Gigi Proietti, with Marco Giallini playing an ex-convict. On Rai Due I won’t show you mine: it is a romantic comedy with kristen Stewart and Harper. At the center of the story is the marriage proposal that Abby addresses to Harper. But some misunderstandings and unexpected events, as well as more intimate reasons, will raise doubts about the feasibility of the wedding.

It will be broadcast on December 25th on Rai Due Castle Hart, with Brooke Bennett who will play Lacey Chabert, who decides to go to Ireland to fulfill her father’s wish and here she will meet the Earl of Glaslough Aiden Hart (Stuart Townsend). A secret never revealed will jeopardize their relationship. On Italia 1 there will also be space for Miracle on 34th Street. Historical film with Richard Attenborough in the role of Santa Claus for the Cole department store. The man will find himself dealing with the realization of a very particular desire. Then on Rai 3, also on December 25th, There is no more religion. Set on the imaginary island of Portobuio where the Italian and North African communities live together. A story built around the crib will reserve multiple surprises. And then again on December 26 on Rai Uno The beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens and the action genre Crystal trap with Bruce Willis.

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