Christopher Nolan explains black and white in Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer has already been seen in a few trailers, and they show some parts of the film in color and others in black and white, but there’s an explanation for everything.

Christopher Nolan paid great attention to detail in the making of the film. oppenheimeron the set of his next film second World War which is about building an atomic bomb,

Director of interstellar (2014) and Original (2010) not only collaborated with actual scientific extras to produce some of the scenes oppenheimerhas also been correctly assessed The choice of color in his new feature film inspired by the book American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J Robert Oppenheimer by Kai Byrd and Martin J. Sherwin.

Why would some of Oppenheimer’s scenes be in black and white and others in heat?

As we have been able to see in the advances shared so far oppenheimer, christopher nolan film will have color order and others black and white,

There has been speculation about the possibility that this chromatic variation is due to the moment in time we are seeing in the film, but Christopher Nolan has revealed in an interview with Total Film that its purpose is entirely different. .


,I wrote the script in first person, something I’d never done before, I don’t know if anyone has ever done this, or if it’s something that people do or not…“, he explained Christopher Nolan, ,Film is objective and subjective. Color vision is subjective; black and white visuals are objective,

,i wrote color scenes from first person, So for an actor to read it, in a way, I think it would be quite intimidating.added the director of Original And interstellar,

oppenheimerby Christopher Nolan, to be released in theaters next 21 JulyTogether cillian murphy In the lead role, as Physicist J Robert Oppenheimer which gives the film its name.

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