Christopher Nolan: his 5 best films to see after Oppenheimer

The latest masterpiece from Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimerhas broken audience and emotion records in cinemas since its release on July 19, to become the highest-grossing Second World War film of all time according to The Independent.

Three years after the success of tenetsci-fi thriller and spy carried by Robert Pattinson alongside John DavidWashington And Elizabeth Debickithe British-American director delivers with his portrait of Robert Oppenheimer a crazy story, on a scale rarely unequaled, which sets out to discover the political, moral, personal and family odysseys of the physicist. A powerful and puzzling historical narrative, embodied by a Cillian Murphy which leaves you speechless. A story that also reminds us how Christopher Nolan is strong in delivering cinematic experiences to its audience. And this, for more than twenty years already. The proof in 5 films.

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Memento (2000)

If his film debut dates from 1998 with Followingit was only two years later that Christopher Nolan gaining international recognition. He owes it to his second feature film, Memento. A thriller that responds perfectly to the codes of Nolan’s cinema: an alternation of black and white scenes and those in color, a complex chronology and some of its favorite themes, here personal identity and the malleability of memory. The plot follows Leonard Shelby (Guy Pierce), a man suffering from retrograde amnesia following a head trauma, who goes in search of the one who killed his wife. Polaroid in hand, he replaces his omissions with snapshots and tattoos in the hope of being able to decipher them later… To finally understand the places, the people and the essential facts of his life.

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Prestige (2006)

Adapted from the novel by Christopher Priest published in 1995, Prestige tells the story of two renowned magicians, increasingly hungry for glory, in competition in England at the end of the 19th century. Played by Christian Bale And Hugh Jackmanthe conjurers compete in cunning and skill at each of their acts… But over the years, emulation turns to obsession and hatred, the two enemies striving to destroy each other. another by using the darkest secrets of their art.

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Inception (2010)

In Inception, the world of dreams becomes a dangerous playground. The movie of Christopher Nolanwhich receives no less than eight Oscar nominations and ends with one of the most enigmatic and debated endings on the Internet, stars Leonardo Dicaprio in the role of Dom Cobb, a specialist in “extraction”, which consists in appropriating the most intimate secrets – because they are buried in the subconscious – of a person during their sleep. Coveted, this new kind of thief becomes one of the most hunted down fugitives on the planet.

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Interstellar (2014)

To create the sensational story ofInterstellar, Christopher Nolan plays again with the notions of time and space. As the Earth suffocates from the depletion of its resources, the NASA enlists a team of astronauts to explore another star system in hopes of finding a habitable planet for humanity. Spatial blockbuster infiltrated with more intimate reflections, the feature film stages Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway And Jessica Chastain in remarkable performances.

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Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk returns to a bloody and forgotten episode, Operation Dynamo. This consisted in evacuating the Allied troops, surrounded by the German army in the pocket of Dunkirk, in May 1940. Among these British soldiers carried on the Normandy beaches, we find Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy or Harry Styles. In 2018, this historic fresco piloted by Christopher Nolan is rewarded with three Oscars, it becomes the greatest worldwide success for a film on the Second World War. Until the release ofOppenheimer.

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