Chrobry did not lose a goal in the seventh game – a draw with Widzew

For the last game this year, coach Janusz Niedźwiedź was finally able to put together the best defense in defense. When Krystian Nowak, Patryk Stępiński and Daniel Tanżyna did not play together, the Łódź players lost on average two goals in the match. With them in the composition of only 0.7.

With Chrobry, however, it was important to score a goal. And the pitch in Głogów is the most inaccessible to the visiting teams this season. The players of coach Ivan Djurdjevic conceded only one goal at home! Rafał Leszczyński drew the ball from the net for the last time 550 minutes ago. The good news for Widzew was that Juliusz Letniowski, who was responsible for offensive actions, also returned to the squad. In his absence, Widzew only won one league game out of six.

Within five days the hosts faced the team in Łódź for the second time. On Wednesday they took off the first scalp – they defeated ŁKS 1-0. Of the last four matches at home, they won three 1-0 and one 2-0, losing only two points to the play-off zone.

The beginning of the game was even, but the actions of the Lodz players seemed to be more coherent and smooth. They didn’t have much trouble getting out of their opponents’ pressing. It got hot a few times in Brave’s penalty area, but there was no ending with a shot. On the other hand, the hosts scored twice, but the shots did not cause problems for Jakub Wrąbel. In the end, the spectators also kicked the ball accurately, but Leszczyński caught the ball after Bartosz Guzdek’s attempt.

From. 20 minutes, the players of coach Niedźwieź started to attack harder and harder. It was dangerous both in the set fragments and in the actions most often distributed by Letniowski. Villanueva and Guzdek had chances, but they were still not able to give a good enough shot. In the 35th minute, Chrobry’s goalkeeper saved the team from losing a goal. After Karol Danielak’s pass, Guzdek hit the head, but Leszczyński showed a great intervention. At the end of the first half, Chrobry replied to Widzew, but Mateusz Machaj’s shot missed the goal by several dozen centimeters.

During the break, the coach of Widzew decided to change in the offensive and Przemysław Kita replaced Villanuva. And soon after the beginning of the second half, the Pole showed his good side. The guests were attacking, but again, there was no concrete information at the very goal and the Głogów fortress was still unmovable.

The inhabitants of Łódź tried to break through the defensive ranks, but at times the inhabitants of Głogów in the penalty area stood in nine and there was no room for that. After the break, they hardly decided to shoot from behind the sixteenth and there were still no goals.

The coach Niedźwiedź admitted almost all offensive players, but there was no effect. His players had the advantage, but they weren’t as dangerous as they were before the break. The corner kicks did not benefit either.

Finally, Paweł Tomczyk flashed twice – he shot his head, but first Leszczyński defended, and then the ball missed the goal. In the end, Chrobry also remembered that he usually wins at home. He scared Widzew, but he was also at odds with his effectiveness.

Chrobry Głogów – Widzew 0: 0

Intrepid: Leszczyński – Ilków-Gołąb, Michalec, Bougaidis, Ziemann – Rzuchowki, Kolenc (66th Mandrysz) – Bochnak, Machaj (66th Turski), Piła (58th Dziąbek) – van der Heijden.

Widzew: Wrąbel – Stępiński, Nowak, Tanżyna – Zieliński, Kun, Hanousek, Villanueva (46th Kita, 90th Michalski) – Danielak (66th Gołębiowski), Letniowski (66th Mucha) – Guzdek (73rd Tomczyk).

Yellow cards: Kolenc – Guzdek, Tanżyna.

Judge: Tomasz Marciniak

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