“Chromatica” the new album of Lady Gaga

The release of the album has been preceded by a photo shoot for the magazine Papera service which aims to present the aesthetic of the new work, all projected towards the future. The creative direction has been entitled to always be trusted Nicola Formichettiin collaboration with the belgian artist Frederik Heyman. Many will recognize the touch of one of the visual artists that are influencing the contemporary aesthetics, just think of the power of the imaginary Ark. Lady Gaga has appeared naked, android, bound by a thousand cords that bind the biological being and the machine. This synergy between man and machine, this aesthetic post-human dominates the whole spirit of “Chromatica”. The first single, Stupid Love, was launched with a video set in a future alien and post-apocalyptic. Lady Gaga is a chief of a tribe, a warrior in pink, who is fighting to restore peace in a world torn apart by conflict. The pink color brightens up the dark rainy weather of a future dystopian which seems to Blade Runner in the video for the second single, Rain On Mepiece that offers the successful collaboration with Ariana Grande and that certainly will not fail to make you dance. Convinces less the video Sour Candymade together with the Korean group BLACKPINK.

The production of “Chromatica” was coordinated by the BloodPop® and has seen the participation of the characters Axwell and Skrillex. Among the names of excellent figure also Elton John, which gives its contribution in Sine From Above. The disc opens with an instrumental piece for orchestra Chromatica I, ambitions, majestic. However, the disk will go in a completely different direction, that of a good opera, dance, capable to move your feet, but without leaving the sign. The 43 minutes of the album pass quickly, but many of the pieces slip away without a particular character. Triumphs synththe weather held electronic batteries very energetic, the pieces go to the point direct and lanciatissimi, yelling, desire for freedom and to run wild. Alice refers to the universe of Lewis Carroll, without particular originality, as the theme has already been explored by the pop world. Always close to the great social battles of our time, Free Woman it is a hymn to femininity, free, emancipated and courageous, which was born from the pain of his life experiences. In 911 it tackles the delicate subject of drugs and self-control. Lady Gaga holds high the flag of inclusiveness, and always wants to remind us that she is the Mother of the little Monsters. Despite this, though Lady Germanotta you confirm a step ahead of the other, continues, however, to be a step back compared to his lightning debut, the comparison with the self of ten years ago became his condemnation. “Chromatica” it is a meticulously studied product marketing, able to rework and make the key pop visions, bold and futuristic, aiming at the same time sounds markedly revival. Not bad, but by the talent of Gaga we expect more.

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