Church, a ray of light: that’s when he can return to the group, the stages of his return. And Inter …

Federico Chiesa, a ray of light. Juventus is in the midst of the storm and the next two weeks will be complex, in which to prepare the next commitments and in which to clarify the plans for the near future, but also the period in which some good news could arrive. The return of Chiesa in the summer was scheduled for September – he had said it himself – but it has been postponed. With a lot of pessimism on the part of Massimiliano Allegri, who had claimed to count on him only from January onwards. It is true that only in 2023 will the best Church be seen, but its return to the group seems to be able to arrive much earlier. After Bologna, at the beginning of October, in fact, the blue is expected to partially return with the rest of the group, probably from Monday 3, points out Tuttosport. This as long as the custom work continues to go smoothly, as has been the case lately. Now everything is proceeding in the best way and the return to the Church group in October, even if only partially, does not seem to be in question. Good news for a Juve that has experienced a black month, that of September. For concrete help in the field it will be necessary to wait a little longer, but step by step the return is approaching and, if there is no setback, around 20 October, Chiesa will resume working with his teammates at full capacity and will therefore be able to play a few clips in the last few games before the break. From PSG to Lazio and Inter (6 and 13 November), there is a lot on the plate.

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