Cichanouska’s strong appeal to Western politicians on Lukashenka

An international conference on the situation in Belarus was held in Vienna, with the participation of the foreign ministers of European countries. The leader of the Belarusian opposition, Sviatlana Cichanouska, was also present. Due to the recently introduced hard lockdown in Austria, the meeting of politicians took the form of a videoconference.

Cichanouska’s appeal

The opposition leader in Belarus pointed to the dangerous attitude of some European politicians, who seem to take the pressure off Alexander Lukashenko and try to negotiate with him the end of the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Meanwhile, as the oppositionist claims, “Lukashenka cannot be retrained, he cannot be trusted, and the regime does not understand the language of diplomacy.” For this reason, talks with the dictator should be conducted “only after all political prisoners have been released.”

– The longer the political crisis in Belarus lasts, the more attractive for Western leaders the idea of ​​reducing pressure on Lukashenka and returning to the so-called real politics – claims Cichanouska.

– We can see it on the example of the crisis on the border between the European Union and Belarus. Lukashenka’s regime partially got what he wanted, an additional ID thanks to the cooperation. It shouldn’t be the norm – she added.

Merkel’s phone

The politician was also asked about the two talks between the German chancellor and the Belarusian leader. Let us recall that last Monday German Chancellor Angela Merkel had her first telephone conversation with the Belarusian leader. Alexander Lukashenka was supposed to propose a solution to the problem of illegal migration and emphasize that no one cares about escalating the crisis. The second politicians’ conversation took place on Wednesday.

Cichanouska admitted that she understood the reasons why the chancellor spoke with the Belarusian leader. Nevertheless, she added, “as a Belarusian I can say that it looks very strange on the part of Belarusians after a year without diplomatic contacts and the non-recognition of Lukashenka’s power.”

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