Cichopek had a slip-up! Internet users had no mercy!

Katarzyna Cichopek has been present in the media for over twenty years. All thanks to the popular Polish soap opera “M jak miłość”. Her performance in “Dancing with the Stars” also brought her great fame. On the set of a dance show, she even met her beloved husband – Marcin Hakiel.

The hot feeling on the dance floor led them to the altar, and later the couple had two children: Adam and Helena. For those in love, “popularity” was also brought by a gigantic loan in Swiss francs, which almost all portals wrote about.

Some time ago Cichopek became the face of TVP and can be a presenter for a public broadcaster. Kasia is also active on Instagram. She is already followed by 467 thousand on the profile. Internet users.

Kasia recently boasted a photo, as befits a real “autumn” – in a warm coat, massive shoes and sunglasses.

She did not even expect that she scored … a bluff! Internet users immediately pointed out that vitamin D is not synthesized in our skin in the autumn and winter.

There were also compliments! The actress’s fans were delighted with her autumn styling!

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