Cillian Murphy defends sex scenes and Florence Pugh

Cillian defends Murphy’s sex scenes oppenheimerChristopher Nolan’s latest film, starring Florence Pugh.

after the disappointment caused by the estrangement Principle, Everyone was waiting for Christopher Nolan at the turn. A filmmaker who needs no introduction, Nolan has always enjoyed public acceptance, be it for his trilogy dark Knight, startOr interstellarBut PrincipleThe film, which released in 2020 with John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, had left the audience divided. In spite of everything, Nolan could be a huge hit with his new film, which is already very popular. oppenheimer,

even though barbie bang at the box office, Beginning ofoppenheimer is also impressive, Juggling a family film and competing with Margot Robbie in All Pink didn’t turn out to be so complicated for Nolan after all. The film scored very well at the box office, despite its duration (3 hours), its viewing restrictions (forbidden to children under the age of 17 alone in the United States), and its subject matter, the atomic bomb. If the filmmaker has a knack for hurling things at the screen, intimacy is not what he puts forth most. Furthermore, Nolan was very nervous about shooting his first sex scene, but Its lead actor defended the importance of these scenes,

Oppenheimer’s Fifty Shades

So this is the first time that Nolan has shown and filmed a sexual act so candid and these scenes are clearly not to everyone’s taste. Florence Pugh’s body was also covered for the distribution of the film in India. But for Cillian Murphy, these plans have their place in the film, as he explained in an interview. Sydney Morning Herald ,

“These scenes were intentionally written. Nolan knew those scenes would give the movie the rating it deserves (R-restricted in the US). And I think when you see them, they’re powerful. They’re not unnecessary. They’re perfect. And Florence is just amazing. I’ve loved Florence’s work since The Young Lady, and I think she’s truly phenomenal. Her presence in person and on screen is breathtaking.”

Oppenheimer: Photographers Cillian Murphy, Florence Pughfinally hooked up with nolan

What the actors tell us is that if Nolan felt fit to include these scenes, he had a reason for being there. As Murphy recalls, Florence Pugh, who plays Jean Tatlock oppenheimer, She is a wonderful actress. inspired by his role in mid summer of Ari Aster, the actress has proved her talent time and again since then daughters of doctor march, Wonder Or don’t worry darling,

waiting to find it dune, part twoAnother great performance by Florence Pugh oppenheimerIn cinemas in France from 19 July 2023And Cillian Murphy says this.


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