Cindy Crawford: ‘The educated preaching by example’


It was one of the top models that marked an entire generation in the late 80’s and early 90’s. With your Latin type, body lush and flirty, lunar, paraded brands such as Chanel, Versace and Dior and was the most popular spots of the time, such as Pepsi and Revlon.

It’s the legendary Cindy Crawford, who seems to have transmitted their knowledge-and their genes – with great success to her daughter Kaia, who he had with the tycoon of hospitality Rande Gerber.

And is that with only 18 years, Kaia is currently the muse of great designers after making his debut at 16 for Calvin Klein at Fashion Week in New York. And today follows in the footsteps of her mother as the image of Versace, the house for which she poses with friends of his mother, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington.

In addition, the thin young man, a fan of social networks, has appeared both with Chanel as with Valentino, and has been applauded by walking on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and the Big Apple. Cindy, who on many occasions accompanied her heiress to the work, has revealed that he sought to raise her daughter with values that lead to always be good with others and lead a healthy life.

“She knows she has to eat healthy, exercise and stay away from the alcohol, because I and your dad preach with the example,” says the supermodel, who also is still valid and active; but now in campaigns aimed to a market more adult.

In addition, Cindy will ensure that both Kaia and her brother Presley are protected against the “predators” of the world of fashion.

“You are both blessed, because they come from a known family, it makes you be careful and not do things that later they can repent,” he says.

Thus, Kaia is unstoppable thanks to the great power of sale has and, in addition, has shown that he is interested in social causes, as was seen in the march in Los Angeles to promote gun control in the united States.

“Now we’re inundated with images”. Cindy Crawford makes sure that there are today big stars in the world of fashion at the height of the iconic figures that are paraded down the catwalks of all over the world in their time, the 90’s, although he admits, in an interview that the value of the image has fallen for its profusion in the social networks.

“Many things in the world of fashion are just like that in my time,” said the supermodel, american, 53 years of age, “but the two big changes have been the use of digital photography a long time ago and, above all, the emergence of social networks”.

“The aspect of digital has added a layer that is totally new and has created many more points of entry to the business of fashion,” observed Crawford before the opening of the new “showroom” in West Hollywood (California) Group Cosentino, the Spanish company dedicated to the production and distribution of surfaces for the world of architecture and design.

“In social networks find people with great style, from great makeup artists who are not known to influencers, who are great discoveries. It is a gateway, and today you have to have your own platform to help keep your brand”, he said.

Crawford, who lit up the catwalks of the fashion in the 1990s along with other faces unforgettable as those of Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell, believes that today there are stars so outright as they, like photographers and stylists “amazing”.

“But the reason that now nothing appears to us so iconic is because we are inundated with images. The value of the image has fallen because we see them constantly, the slide constantly with the finger in the cell. Even though they are strong and of quality, are lost in that sea of snapshots,” he said.

The upbringing of their children. The model and businesswoman recognized that I would not have known how to handle well the social networking in its era, not as his daughter, Kaia, who is becoming a star of the catwalks for 18 years, and manages all of that aspect digital because it comes out naturally.

“He grew up with it, is a native digital, is like his native language. I didn’t grow up with my friends on Snapchat. I do not understand this tool, but for her, it is something natural and not so intimidating, as to me,” he said.

The son of Crawford, Presley, 20 years old, is also dedicated to the world of fashion.

“Raising your children is always hard,” he admitted. “In every phase of their lives you want to teach them things. Many times they do not hear, but see what you do, and that seems to me key. If you treat people with respect and with good manners, they also do it automatically,” he said.

“I’ve tried to educate them by preaching with the example. That does not mean that they are angels. Understand that growing up in a famous family has added a lot of pressure, in addition to in the digital age. Sometimes I ask for forgiveness, since I with 20 years only thought about myself and didn’t think how my actions will affect my children,” he said.

“With luck,” he added, “you hope to learn about how you’ve managed you, but they have to take their own path”. Crawford is the image and ambassador from 2017 the brand of quartz surfaces Sileston. Crawford explained that the relationship with Cosentino began by the interest of the Spanish company and continued by the passion of the model when designing their own homes.

“I’ve worked in fashion a long time, since I was 17 years old,” he said. “And that world has opened to me the door to the design, which has been a great passion since before I married. Especially as a wife and mother, I love being able to create the environment where my family will live. If I can combine both facets, is great,” he concluded. EFE

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