Cinema in Blu, screenings under the stars in the Piazzetta in Portofino (with Alessandro Gassmann)

From the meeting on the pier of John Malkovic And Sophie Marceau in Beyond the cloudsthe latest feature film signed Michelangelo Antonioni right in the year of the Lifetime Achievement Oscar, at the boat raids of Leonardo Dicaprio And Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Streetfamous film by Martin Scorsese candidate for five statuettes. Two examples that tell as always, a Portofinogreat actors and legendary directors pass by: the Ligurian village, in fact, was and still is today location of many sets, as well as a holiday destination for stars looking for inspiration.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that Gorgeous And Splendid SeaAll Belmond Hotel, have decided to bring back the cinema in the heart of the iconic Piazzettawith Cinema in Blu: three evenings of screenings under the stars – scheduled for May 13, the June 10 and the July 6 – organized in collaboration with the Riviera International Film Festival of Sestri Levante. The opening screening will be preceded by an unreleased short film starring Alessandro Gassmanncommissioned by Belmond to the Flying Donkeys company, and that on we show you a preview.

On the other hand, there was one of the most loyal celebrities in Portofino Vittorio Gassman, which he even left a signed dedication in the Golden Book of the Splendid, now jealously guarded. «The tales of my father in the 60s and of the afternoons on the terrace of the hotel », remembers his son Alessandro. «The Italy of that era is passed by here and it continues to be so “. The production also sees the participation of Ermes De Megnifounder of Portofinesewhich tells of the desire to focus the spotlight not only on Marinabut also on beauties of the mountain.

A unique reality, with which Splendido and Splendido Mare have started a fruitful collaboration through a wide range of experiences to be offered to increasingly responsible and aware tourists. In this spirit, the two hotels are proud to announce that electricity produced by photovoltaic panels, mini hydroelectric turbines and wind turbines from La Portofinese, it will be used for power the screen and audio system during the evenings of Cinema in Blu, making them 100% green. Sustainability is precisely the guiding thread of the initiative.

«It is a project that, while celebrating the historical legacy of cinematic grandeur of the locality, looks to the future, “he declared Robert Koren, Senior Vice President EMEA of Belmond, talking about the short. «A Portofino which, although positioned in a corner of paradise hidden between sea and hills, it opens a window on the world e on the main topics of contemporaneity “. That’s why Alessandro Gassmann, very close to the area but also at the forefront when it comes to the environment, it was for Belmond “the only one evaluable alternative as the protagonist “.

Furthermore, they will not be screened in the Piazzetta fiction filmsbut three documentaries of emerging directors of the selection of REFwhich launch meaningful messages on hot topics. We start with Kwando, the story of an Angolan fisherman, a former child soldier, who chooses to fight for the protection of nature. Then it will be his turn to Desert X 2021 – The Film, a reflection on the social movements necessary for the sustenance of our future. Finally, space a Ride the Wave, a 14-year-old surfing champion who braves the dangerous waves of Mullaghmorein Ireland.

A new glamor “engaged” who knows how to connect to the world, for an interested audience to confrontation and debate, to points of view from other latitudes. The Piazzetta of Portofino is therefore transformed into a stage to listen to stories, to question oneself, surrounded by a beauty that frames them the universal value.

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