Cinema Projection in Semur en Auxois

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Come discover the documentary “TOUTES MUSCLÉES” and meet the actress Adèle RATTE, in residence at Bahut. She will tell us about her show project “running like a girl”. Documentary by Camille Juza (58′). The history of sport through the prism of female muscle. Permanent injunctions to firmness, tonicity, to fit, it is undeniable, having a healthy and muscular body has become our horizon for all, sometimes tangible, at best dreamed of. For women, long banned from practicing sport, or under certain conditions, it is an indisputable conquest, wrested from a hard struggle in a world jealously defended by men. But the armies of women riveted to the abs and glutes, like the countless restrictions that still govern high-level women’s sport, shed harsh light on a complex reality. Has sport really, like Moulinex yesterday, liberated women? Are they completely in control of their bodies? Between archives and contemporary controversies, the feminine muscle dissected. + info:

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