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Many films have the name of a color in their title. But it turns out that they have all disappeared from their posters in this quiz that we are offering you today. It’s up to you to find them!

At AlloCiné, we like to play with movie posters by removing part of their titles. For example, a few weeks ago we offered you a quiz in which you had to find deleted numbers with, for example, “XX Cloverfield Lane” or “L’Attaque du métro XXX”.

Another quiz offered you in the same vein to try to guess which years had disappeared with titles such as “XXXX A Space Odyssey”, “Blade Runner XXXX”, or even “Summer XX”. And on a third, this time it was hours which had disappeared from the posters of films like “Le XXXXX pour Paris” or “XXX pour Yuma”.

Today, these are the colors that you will have to find, and it must be recognized that there is no shortage of examples of films with a color in their title. A few quick examples, one per decade, to convince ourselves before launching into the game.

It’s now your turn to play, trying to find these ten missing colors of film titles with three suggestions each time. Can you achieve 10/10?

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