Circulates the second edition of the book “Spring Below Zero Degrees” by Mary Lacey Hernandez

Journalist Mary Lacey Hernandez circulates the second edition of her book “spring below zero degrees”, during a ceremony held last Thursday to a full house in the Aida Cartagena Portalatin Room of the National Library.

The work is based on history that addresses migration and the feelings that accompany departure, temporary return to homeland and leaving again.

Before being presented in the capital, the work was put into circulation in Cotui, the author’s hometown, under the responsibility of the anthropologist, teacher and artist Lenin Paulino, who was responsible for the editing and presentation care as well as the producer. Act

    Mary Lacey Hernandez.
Mary Lacey Hernandez.

With the money raised from the sale, the author will support the elderly in the province of Sánchez Ramírez and conduct a series of collateral activities around libraries and schools, so that the content of the book serves as a cultural reference, especially for the elderly whose The pass has little access to visas, airline tickets, and other ways to broaden your horizons.

The story is the result of Mary Lacey’s experience in recent years, when she left her home country and embarked on a moving journey through different countries in a short period of time: Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia and Cape Verde in Africa. For him, the book itself is a journey through places old and new, a journey into a world of feelings, feelings that evoke a longing to return and find a better country with more opportunities and a higher level of consciousness. Have hope

The compilation tells of the challenges she faces in each country: packing and unpacking every three or four years, saying goodbye to friends and finding others, changing routines, and other emotions caused by emigration. He also talks about his visits to different countries and the feelings of returning home with internal tourism.

The book tells about his travels through the countries of Africa, America and Europe and without great pretense treats from the point of view of peoples according to cultural differences, climate, history and geographical features. It also refers to a change in form when you return to land, even when everything continues with the same characteristics it had before leaving.

    Mary Lacey Hernandez and Lenin Paulino.
Mary Lacey Hernandez and Lenin Paulino.

The anthology includes 66 chronicles and all together form a complete chronology of the whole process that the emigrant lives: the feelings before leaving, the root culture and the first shocks experienced when dealing with the culture where it shelters. Also the longing for terroir and the feelings of visits to the country of origin. Events and features of visits to other cultures complete the content.

Although the book is written in a simple manner and is based on the author’s everyday experiences, in its pages the reader will find interesting information that will allow him to form his own opinion about the social and cultural events in the countries in accordance with the historical. The context and determination of facts in the formation of a people such as colonization, war and other events.

The book was commented upon by Cape Verdean historian and academic Maritza Rosabal, who believes that “Spring Below Zero Degrees” is an ode to the Dominican Republic and a lasting reaffirmation of Dominican and Caribbean identity. For his part, the Spanish psychologist Jema Aden highlights that the author takes us on an unexpected journey with his writings: “a journey through the interior of emotions that opens a window towards resilience”.

For Hernandez, the book represents a kind of travel souvenir, a souvenir he offers to his people, a way of sharing everything he’s had to experience over the years by nurturing himself with other cultures.

Mary Lacey Hernandez is a journalist and broadcaster. Before leaving, he worked in radio, television, newspapers, public relations and as master of ceremonies. In this journey through several continents, she has dabbled in theatre, ceramics and alternative therapies. From abroad, he maintains a presence in the Dominican media through his column in the newspaper El Nacional.

in addition to spring below zero degrees He has other publications in the pipeline and among them a second book of history that will complete his extensive tour of various countries around the world.

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