Ciro Grillo’s mother in court: ‘I have not heard anything’ – Sardinia

“I haven’t heard or seen anything out of the ordinary.” Parvin Tadjk, mother of Ciro Grilloconfirmed in the courtroom at the rape trial, that on the night of the alleged sexual assault she, who was sleeping in the house next door, did not notice anything suspicious. The defense lawyers tell this, upon leaving the hearing concluded a few moments ago. The two houses in the Porto Cervo residence are adjacent, separated by a wall on which, according to Tadjk, the boys usually knocked to warn of their return.

This morning the hearing of the closed-door trial that is held in the court of Tempio Pausania against Ciro Grillo, Beppe’s son, and three of his Genoese friends, Francesco Corsiglia, Edoardo Capitta and Vittorio Lauria. They are accused of group sexual violence against two girls, facts that would have taken place on the night between 16 and 17 July 2019, in the terraced house owned by the Grillo family, in Porto Cervo.

The opening of the hearing has been postponed because first there was a new hall of the Court to be inaugurated, named after Rosario Livatino, the magistrate murdered by Cosa Nostra on 21 September 1990, in Agrigento. Today in the courtroom, in front of the panel of judges, chaired by Marco Contu (on the sidelines Nicola Bonante and Marcella Pinna), nine witnesses will parade, including Parvin Tadjk, wife of Beppe Grillo and mother of Ciro. The woman who took care of the cleaning in the terraced house of the Grillo, a neighbor, the managers and staff of the pharmacies and bars where the two girls and the defendants would have gone before the evening at the Billionare and after the night will be heard. at the Grillo house. Neither of the four defendants, nor the two alleged victims, are present in the courtroom.

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