Citigroup introduces a vaccination order for employees. Unvaccinated people will be given notice

On Friday, bank employees were to receive a reminder about the covid policy announced in October. The memo stated that “full immunization is a condition for maintaining employment,” and proof of vaccine receipt must be provided by January 14, Bloomberg was the first to report. A Citigroup spokeswoman declined to comment on the case.

It is the first Wall Street institution to take rigorous steps. Other banks, such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JPMorgan Chase, have ordered unvaccinated workers to work remotely. Neither of them has decided to dismiss staff so far.

Citigroup makes some exceptions to the norm, such as religious, medical, and other local laws. All cases will be considered individually. So far, over 90 percent of them have been vaccinated. CityGroup employees – gives the source in the company.

More information about vaccinations can be found on the home page

Can a vaccination order be introduced?

The introduced regulations are in line with the administration policy of President Joe Biden. According to her, all government employees and associates must be vaccinated.

According to CNN, government states ruled by Republicans are challenging Biden’s immunization order and fighting to lift it in the Trump-dominated Supreme Court.

The case is complicated, the station expert believes, because federal law overlaps state laws. Citigroup will need to align its local policies with the local laws.

At the same time, lower courts have so far upheld the right of private companies to have their own vaccination policy as long as there are exceptions for those with contraindications.

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You don’t have the vaccine, you don’t have a job

The “no-jab, no-job” principle has already been adopted by giants outside the banking industry, incl. Google and United Airlines.

The CEO of United Airlines said 200 of some 67,000 workers were made redundant in December. About two thousand people were asked to present the reasons why they cannot be vaccinated. Half of these people were transferred to positions without contact with clients, the other half did not want to apply for these positions and are on unpaid leave.

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