City – PSG. Sergio Ramos, even if he doesn’t play, it helps

He returned to training three weeks ago, on November 9. Previously, he had tried, but after one or two sessions, he returned to doctor’s offices or to physiotherapists again. The barely healed knee and calf made themselves felt again.

This season, Sergio Ramos has yet to play a minute in his new club’s matches, including friendly matches. Just like Lionel Messi, another footballer brought in by PSG in the summer, the minutes without a goal on the pitch were recalled, in the case of the Spaniard in France, but also in his home country, he is anxiously awaited for the first minutes spent on the pitch.

He has signed a contract of gigantic value, earns 6 million euros net per season, was to be one of the key pieces of the new Paris puzzle, not a game. In Paris, his experience and charisma were the most important. “Monument in Paris”, wrote the daily “L’Equipe” after Ramos’ arrival in the French capital. Meanwhile, the next dates of returning to training, to the game were canceled.

In the French media, questions were immediately raised as to whether PSG could not be let go of the raspberries and took a sick player, no longer fit for the game. While still a Real Madrid player, Ramos underwent knee surgery, he played 21 games throughout the previous season, while in the 2019/20 season there were 44 matches. He, a mainstay of Spain’s defense for years, did not go to this year’s Euro. It was a warning signal, but Parisians succumbed to the magic of the name.

The Spanish media, for whom Ramos is a monumental figure, follows the situation of the former captain of the national team on an ongoing basis. They were and are skeptical of his possible return to the highest level of football. They cite the opinions of doctors who worked with the former Real football player that while the knee was healed, a painful calf problem appeared. “He can pass the tests, he can run normally, but if he has to make the effort that requires coordination like running with the ball at full speed then there is a calf problem,” says Anton Meana, Real specialist on Cadena SER radio. “Another problem is that in recent years his knee and leg have taken a lot of effort, he has played in so many games that now his body is suffering the consequences,” he added.

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The head of PSG Nasser Al-Khelaifi felt concerned about this situation. He asked for an explanation of what was happening to the health of the footballer, who came for free, but he had to be paid solidly.

The sports director of PSG Leonardo called to the board had to explain himself. – We know Ramos had problems. We also know that the Spanish press is playing its game (it is very negative about PSG – note ok). They say Ramos sucks. But we know everything about our players and we know that whatever is wrong with Ramos will pass, the Brazilian explained.

On Monday, Parisian coach Mauricio Pochettino finally decided to appoint a Spanish defender to the match squad. The chances of a debut for a new club are slim, but for the Argentine coach it is important to have a player of great authority on the bench in such an important match. “The Paris dressing room has great respect for him. They see him working to recover. Other players listen to his every word,” wrote the daily L’Equipe a few days ago.

Even when not, Ramos is an added value for PSG. His biography is still impressive. This is the record holder in terms of appearances for the Spanish national team (180 matches). He has played 671 games for Real, 129 of them in the Champions League. He has won everything there is to win in football – the World Championship (2010), the European Championship (2008 and 2012), the Champions League four times and the Club World Cup, five times the Spanish Championship, twice the Spanish Cup.

After all, PSG needs a footballer, not a statue.

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