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Civilization 6: Red Death Is a New Free Battle Royale Mode for the Famous Strategy

Civilization 6

2K Games has updated Civilization 6 with Red Death, a free expansion that brings battle royale mode into the famous strategy.

In a decidedly unexpected move, 2K Games decided to provide Civilization 6 with a battle royale mode, added with Civilization 6: Red Death.

Clearly this is not exactly the meaning with which we now commonly think of the battle royale in the field of videludic, but the concept is practically that: Civilization 6: Red Death is a free multiplayer mode that places 12 players in battle within a vast map that is gradually shrinking, forcing competitors to increasingly face elimination until there is only one left.

We have seen different interpretations of the battle royale, like the particular interpretation offered by Tetris 99, but frankly, we would not have expected to see a modality of the kind in Civilization 6. In any case, Red Death is an interesting and even free novelty, therefore definitely worth trying for game owners.

The 12 players must fight to remain the last civilization on the territory that is increasingly tightening due to a “storm of radioactivity” that rages outside the safe area. Each faction, to be chosen from among various post-apocalyptic themes, begins with a civilian, an infantryman, and a machine gun unit and must try to win over the others by expanding even with the acquisition of resources found by investigating the ruins scattered around the map.

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