Clash between traffickers at sea, 15 migrants killed – World

“A boat of illegal emigration was targeted by RPG rockets, causing the death of over 15 migrants”, some of them “burned to death”: writes a local media, Sabrata Online, from the western coastal city of the same name of Libya. The victims are allegedly migrants involved in a dispute between two rival groups of human traffickers. An accredited analyst, Jalel Harchaoui, instead wrote on Twitter that it was “an attack by human traffickers against migrants who try to operate independently of them”.

“This has nothing to do with people drowning in the Mediterranean. It is a deliberate assault intended to deter ‘competitors’ and establish a monopoly,” the analyst added in the tweet. “There was a boat with charred bodies on board, and others intact on the outside” for a total of “15” corpses, reports the Al Wasat website, citing the Sabrata branch of Red Crescent volunteers. “No statements have been made so far by the relevant official security authorities regarding the incident. But activists on social media have reported that the bodies were of illegal immigrants who were burned following a dispute between two smugglers in the area,” he summarizes. the site referring to a hub of human trafficking between Libya and Italy.