Clash of the titans: plot, cast and sequel to the film with Sam Worthington

Clash of the titans movie

Epic film of 2010, Clash of the titans brings Greek mythology back to the cinema, a source of characters and stories that are still unforgettable today. In this case, the title in question is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name, in which the deeds of the hero Perseus are told, protagonist of events that lead him to challenge extraordinary creatures and the Olympus Gods themselves. The film is directed by the Frenchman Louis Leterrierestablished two years earlier thanks to The Incredible Hulk. It was precisely this film that made the director discover the similarities between superheroes and the heroes of Greek mythology.

The project for a new film on this myth had actually been in development for several years, with a script that initially envisaged a film forbidden to minors. However, this was changed by the production studios, which aspired to have a work usable by as wide an audience as possible. The new Clash of the titans it also presents a story quite distant from that of the previous film and the Greek myth. In fact, the focus was on giving life to a more fictionalized story, where the character of Perseus and his relationship with his father Zeus were central.

Not everyone was convinced by this new version, and the critical reception was actually particularly negative. The film, however, established itself as a great box office success, earning a whopping 493 million dollars against a budget of 125. This result then prompted the production studio, Warner Bros., to put in the pipeline a sequel that would continue the adventures of Perseus in the cinema. For fans of mythology and epic films, Clash of the titans it is certainly a title not to be missed. Before throwing yourself into the vision, however, it may be useful to know some curiosities related to the film, many of which relate to the cast of actors.

Clash of the titans: the plot of the movie

Set in ancient Greece, the film tells the story of Perseusdemigod born from the union between Zeus and a human. The young man finds himself growing up in a family of humble fishermen, but feeling destined for something greater. His daily life is finally broken by the extermination of his loved ones and his people by Hades, god of the Underworld, who killed to avenge a wrong against the Gods. In fact, the god of the Underworld intends to punish the people of Argos for their pride, and will give them a frightening ultimatum. In order for the city not to be mercilessly destroyed, it is necessary for the princess Andromeda be fed to the terrible Krakensea monster created at the time of the clash with the Titans.

PerseusHowever, he wants to avenge his adoptive parents at all costs, and decides to join the soldiers of Argos. Having learned of his real origins, he discovers that he has extraordinary powers, which can help him challenge the evil god of the Underworld and his creature. With the help of the god of Olympus, his real father, Perseus will therefore be able to learn what it means to be a real hero. He will then understand that he is the only one who can really oppose the cruelties to which his people are subjected. To save the beautiful Andromeda, however, it will be necessary for him to undertake a path full of obstacles, enemies and trials to overcome in order to prove his worth.

Clash of the titans cast

Clash of the titans: the cast of the film

To play the role of the hero Perseus, the studio decided to give the actor the role Sam Worthingtonwho also became known in that period as the protagonist of Avatars. The interpreter was happy to take on the role of the mythological character, eager to be able to participate in a film that his grandchildren could see without problems. However, the experience of the set was not easy for him, who had to undergo a long physical training to reach the required build. An element of difficulty for him was also having to manage the heavy armor. Luckily for him, he was allowed to use sneakers disguised as sandals instead of actual sandals. With these he had no problems in the action scenes.

Alongside him, in the film, we find a long series of particularly well-known actors in American cinema. The first of these is Liam Neeson, who plays the role of Zeus here. Ralph Fiennes instead he is present in the role of the god Hades, a role for which he prepared by studying the main myths to which he is linked. In doing so he got to build the character of his character. The actress Gemma Aerton, instead, it is Io, a divinity inserted in the film to give life to a love story with Perseus. The Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen instead it is Draco, commander of the army of Argos. Participate in the film too Luke Evanshere as the god Apollo, while Alexa Davalos plays the role of Princess Andromeda.

Clash of the titans: the sequel, the trailer and where to see the film in streaming and on TV

Given the great success of the film, in 2012 its direct sequel, entitled Fury of the titans. Directed this time by Jonathan Liebesman, and with Worthington again as Perseus, this focuses on Hades’ vengeance against Zeus. The demigod will therefore be called back to the adventure. He will thus have to save his father and prevent the domain of the gods from ceasing to exist, bringing to light the ruthless Titans. With a budget of around $150 million, the film grossed around $305 worldwide. A decidedly inferior result, which prompted the production studios to block the processing of the already announced third chapter, from the title Revenge of the titans. Finally, in 2013, Worthington said that it is highly unlikely that this final film of the trilogy will be made.

Before seeing the sequel, fans of the first film can enjoy it thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. Clash of the titans it is in fact available in the catalogs of Rakuten TV, Chili Cinema, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Tim Vision, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. To see it, once the reference platform has been chosen, it will be enough to rent the single film or subscribe to a general subscription. In this way you will be able to watch it in total comfort and at the best video quality. The film will also be broadcast on television Saturday 17th December at 21:00 On the canal 20 Mediaset.

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