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Demolition in Lublin. Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra smashed Polish Cukier Pszczółka without any problems. Start Lublin 99:73. The runners-up of Poland won, among others 17 “threes” 51 percent effective.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Enea Zastal BC

Press materials / Andrzej Romański / Energa Basket Liga / In the photo: Enea Zastal BC

Enea Zastal BC is yet another team this season that almost broke the dreams of victory in Lublin. It was something like an execution.

The hosts only had a “moment”. After two “threes” by Mateusz Dziemba, Start was leading 23:22. And the inhabitants of Lublin saw their rivals so much. Zastal responded with a series of 22: 2!

Jarosław Zyskowski played from the notes before the break, who scored all seven throws from the game (including 3/3 from behind the bow). Dragan Apić was unstoppable under the basket – the guests gained a twenty-point advantage in the blink of an eye.

The start had no argument, and Oliver Vidin’s players scored as they wanted in the attack. Devoe Joseph and Tony Meier were hit serially from a distance – Zastal raised his advantage to the record level of 28 “points”.

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Joseph had 24 points in the end, Meier added 20. Both hit a total of nine long-range shots. In total, the visitors had 17/33 from behind the bow and a 55 percent success rate from the game. They also gave away 26 assists – Andrzej Mazurczak had 9 of them.

The 26-point defeat is another result far below expectations. It’s hard to say anything good about the performance of Tane Spasev’s players. The most effective Josh Sharkey repaired his account at the finish, when it was all over.

The start stuck at the bottom of the league table and it is hard to wait for the moment when it will rebound with such a game.

Polish Sugar Pszczółka Start Lublin – Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra 73:99 (13:20, 19:32, 18:19, 23:28)

Start: Josh Sharkey 16, Jimmie Taylor 12, Mateusz Dziemba 10, Mikołaj Stopierzyński 9, Karol Obarek 8, Doron Lamb 6, Mateusz Kostrzewski 5, Tweety Carter 4, Roman Szymański 2, Bartosz Ciechociński 1, Damian Jeszke 0.

Zastal: Devoe Joseph 24, Tony Meier 20, Jarosław Zyskowski 18, Nemanja Nenadić 13, Dragan Apić 10, Andrzej Mazurczak 6, Branden Frazier 3, David Brembly 3, Przemysław Żołnierewicz 2, Krzysztof Sulima 1, Konrad Szymański 0, Nikodem Klocek 0.

Energa Basket Liga 2021/2022

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