Classic dresses become memes after Kim Kardashian controversy – 06/15/2022 – #Hashtag

The most recent internet meme has as its protagonist a piece of clothing that marked history. Costume of socialite Kim Kardashian during this year’s MET Gala, the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when singing “Happy Birthday”, on the 45th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy, six decades ago, is back in the spotlight.

Valued at US$ 5 million (approximately R$ 25.5 million), the museum Ripley’s Believe It Or Not lent the item to Kardashian, which had already caused controversy. Now, Kim is being accused of damaging the historic item. The profile The Marilyn Monroe Collection published alleged before and after images of the dress being worn by her.

‘It’s a piece of history’

In addition to generating a discussion about the historical and memorial value that the piece carries, the case opened space to revisit memes from the last two decades.

Social networks revive stories starring dresses or people who marked a period under some version of the piece, turning it into a popular reference. From pop divas Britney Spears, with her all denim dress, in 2001, or Lady Gaga with her piece of meat, in 2010, iconic dresses appear accompanied by the text “‘It’s just a dress’…No! It’s a piece of story”.

Brazilian characters also star in dress memes, such as the Pregnant Woman from Taubaté, responsible for deceiving Brazil by faking a multiple pregnancy in 2012, and Geisy Arruda, a victim of machismo at Uniban, in São Paulo, under accusation of “disrespect for academic dignity and to morality” because of the size of her dress. More than a decade later, her outfits in different shades of pink are recognizable at first glance.

What color is this dress?

The dress that no one knows is white and gold or black and blue is back. He, who also went viral at the hands of Kim Kardashian, who asked his followers on Twitter in 2015 what color they saw him, even yielded a scientific explanation of why each would see him differently.

In a more relaxed tone, but with nostalgic appeal, beloved movies and series from the 1990s and 2000s won tributes. “Kim Kardashian better not even think about that dress,” wrote one Twitter user about a Hannah Montana costume. A black dress used by the character Maddy, from Euphoria, which takes up the style of clothes used at that time, also gained space in the game, despite being recent.

Characteristic actions or productions, such as the challenge made with the song Envolver, hit by singer Anitta, and the high ponytail often used by singer Ariana Grande, appear in this movement, indicated as iconic. “It’s not just a TikTok dance,” wrote another Twitter user.

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