Claudia Bouvet’s provocative look ignites the stage of the Festival d’Été de Quebec

The singer loves to create stage outfits that spark the imagination of her fans. Performing at the Festival d’Été de Quebec, Claudia surpassed herself in her originality with the most daring looks. Call the fire department, because we’re not going to recover!

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If Claudia Bouvet had an idea to ignite the FEQ scene, her mission was accomplished. Dressed in head-to-toe red, the artist was really elated, besides giving her all in her stage performance.

Instagram Story / Claudia Bouvete

interpreter of not highly recommended Followed only one rule: to create spark by surprising his fans with a new head in the image of his fiercest form.

Instagram Story/Eleonore

It was her friend Eloise Laroque, a child actor, who knew how to work magic in her long blonde hair, which was now dyed red in the front and down, creating an ombre effect reminiscent of flames. is born.

The most controversial of the season, Snow’s haircut, once inspired in red, was brought to the fore. Her hair makes her look like a little ogre!

Instagram Story / Claudia Bouvete

Claudia was surrounded by a dream beauty team, which consisted of her friends and family. It was stylist Laurence Morissette who signed her memorable outfit and photographer Eleonore aka Elila captured pictures of the evening.

After recently enthralling the audience with her edgy looks, the disco queen took a leap into the 2000s, looking ravishing than ever in a fire engine red ensemble.

Claudia challenges Carpenter outright oversizedBut there was no question that fashion Leave it closed! Opened at the hips and held up by a rhinestone-encrusted belt, the show’s highlight was hidden beneath one piece,

Instagram Story/Laurence Morissette

The singer dared to wear a fishnet top with a round cutout, which was in the same color as her outfit. It’s also embraced the exposed bra trend with Sydney Sweeney and Olivia Rodrigo doing the same. Showing as much skin as possible, this sultry choice of clothing gives her the image of a femme fatale.

To complete this fun style, the beauty added a cowboy hat and platform heels, both red, of course!

Instagram Story/Eleonore

After the Jenner sisters chose tomato red in Claudia, Kylie in a microbikini, and Kendall in a thong, we can officially say it’s the color of honor this season.

However, it’s only Claudia Bouvet who can prove to us that a Carpenter one-piece, once crowned with an all-red glam look, can be sexy! We can’t wait to see her next show outfits this summer.

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