Claudio Garella died the goalkeeper of the Verona and Naples championships –

from Paolo Tomaselli

The goalkeeper was 67 years old, he had won the title with Hellas Verona and Maradona’s Napoli. For the lawyer Agnelli he was “the only goalkeeper who saved without hands”

A reporter fromArena of Verona he had renamed it Garellikfor his passion for comics and because basically it sounded good: at Lazio it had been Paperella, Beppe Viola had renamed his mistakes the “garellate”, but Claudio Garella he revived his career at the right time and in the right places, those where a Scudetto had never been seen: Verona first, in 1985, and Naples two years later, to preserve what Diego Armando Maradona created.

Garella passed away on Friday 12 August 2022 after a long illness and he went away in silence: the last time he had spoken with the Arena for his 65th birthday, on May 16, 2020. He left three days after his match, Verona-Naples, before the championship, as in the year of the Scudetto on the Adige, a feat to which he contributed in a decisive.

Finished on the sidelines of great football as sports director of amateur clubs around Turin, Garella had somehow suffered from this situation. But he, sometimes shady and always frank, even rough but in reality very good, was not an artist of compromises, since both in Verona and in Naples he left in a rather stormy way, for the relationship with Bagnoli first and Bianchi after (In Naples he was one of the four “rebels” to read the statement against the coach).

The thing he was most proud of, besides two one-of-a-kind victories, was thereas defined by the lawyer Agnelli
, which will last forever. For him, who went down to the locker room after a Verona-Juve, Garella was “the strongest goalkeeper in the world without hands”, because he parried with his feet, of course, but also in scissoring, with his head, even with his butt (in Verona-Udinese). A big body at the service of the team, “an absence of style that was himself his style”, as written by Furio Zara.

From Junior Casale to Novara, from Turin to Avellino, his career lasted from 1972 to 1991, also passing through Sampdoria and Udinese, as well as Lazio, Verona and Naples. He leaves his wife Laura and two daughters, Claudia and Chantal.

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