Clear revelations about Levy’s methods for Kane’s transfer

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This is one of the top transfers of this summer. After several weeks of difficult negotiations, Bayern managed to complete the arrival of Harry Kane for €100 million plus bonuses. The English striker would eventually grow into a club of his own scale with the aim of winning titles, a pleasure he never found at Tottenham. But if the Kane soap opera has lasted so long, it is mainly because of Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, who is known to be tough in business and has made life difficult for his former striker as well as Bayern Is. It was Bayern’s honorary president Uli Hohnes who admitted this in an interview for the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

Hoeness exposes Levy’s methods

While Harry Kane wanted to leave Tottenham, Daniel Levy allowed himself a short break in Miami. An attitude that the Bavarian leader did not appreciate. “This complicated the conversation. Due to jet lag it forced Jan. (Jan-Christian Driesen, Bayern chief executive) To chat in the middle of the night.” Then, Uli Hoeness denounced the many reversals that had been authored by the Spurs chairman. “At midnight we had a verbal agreement, but at 2:50 it was again questioned. Then that night we met again but for a bigger amount. Jan said again, “Not a penny more!” It took six hours for Levi to be accepted… while the plane, which had been waiting for Harry Kane, had been ready to take off since morning.

Ultimately it was Her Majesty Harry who spoke to his President and threatened to be free next summer. “He told him that morning: ‘If we don’t have a solution by the evening, I’ll play for Tottenham on Sunday. And then it’s over. I won’t sign a new contract with Tottenham and I walk free. would go.’ ‘Next year. Fearing to be left with nothing, Levy accepted 100 million euros from Bayern. A nice consolation, nonetheless.

to sum up

In an interview for a German newspaper, Bayern’s honorary chairman Uli Hohnes revealed his Tottenham counterpart’s questionable methods in the transfer of Harry Kane. Daniel Levy ruined almost everything.

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