Clever Machado builds the ideal attack for the national team with Neymar and without Richarlison

Clever Machado narrated Corinthians and São Paulo.

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Without expressing any disapproval after Fernando Diniz’s first call-up, Kléber Machado believes there is no room for renewal. So when analyzing the names trying to assert themselves in the selection, the announcer emphasized Caio Enrique, Vanderson and Renan Lodi, and the Brazilian veteran Danilo is still in the group. there is Furthermore, the appearances of Andre and Rafael Veiga against Bolivia and Peru were deemed fair due to their excellent performances in national football.

“I don’t think Fernando Diniz’s first appointment as Brazil national team coach will be a business card, as there will be no major renovations. He is three years younger than the average age of teams who have qualified for the 2022 World Cup. I also paid attention to the fact that there is not much meaning in changing.I don’t think there is an option to change too much. said in an Instagram video.

“Bent is an opportunity for a new generation of goalkeepers. Right-back Vanderson, left-back Caio Enrique and Renan Lodi are positions that need new names. Andre and Rafael Veiga must be called up. I have no doubt it didn’t.”he added.

Finally, Kléber Machado put together the ideal formation for the selected attack. There were no centre-forwards in the narrator’s proposed system, given that Neymar, Rodrigo and Vinicius Junior were mentioned, even though Mateus Cunha and Richarlison were on the list.

“I would like to see how he attacks. I don’t think so, but I will try with Neymar, Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior. I don’t think the first two qualifying matches will be the starting point. You have to be cool, he has a way of playing but he doesn’t force anyone, is he picking the players and figuring out how or the national team playing for the players I’d love to see if you find a way out. Good luck to Dinis.”he concluded.

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