Clients robbed by the travel agency, trial of three people accused of fraud

First hearing this morning in front of the single judge of the Court of Latina Daniela Puccinelli of the trial against three persons holding atravel agency of the Pontine capital accused of fraud for appropriating the money paid by dozens of customers for theirs honeymoons.

On the dock are Roberto and Alessandro Gaetani and Giovanna Caffarotti, involved in an investigation by the Latina Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2016 born after the complaint of one of the defrauded clients. According to the accusation, the agency, which was located in via Ezio and which then closed its doors, would have charged for travel – about 2 thousand euros per couple – without actually organizing and booking accommodation and travel facilities. Overall, the sum illegally pocketed amounts to approx 70 thousand euros. Put together a series of similar complaints, the investigators closed the circle and asked for the indictment of the three, assisted by the lawyer Giampiero Cevrain.

This morning the first hearing in which about forty people filed a civil action. Then the trial was adjourned to July 8th.

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