Close the Gap for Women in STEM Careers: TechMillenio

subjects TrunkNamely, fields of knowledge related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics are rapidly making their way among young women who want to foster a change in mindset in new generations and society.

For this reason, Prepa TechMillenio offers certification focused on Python technology, one of the fastest growing high-level programming languages, which enables youth to learn about and develop a wide range of applications, even using the advances in artificial intelligence. allows to develop.

There is also a Creativity and Innovation certification, in which the student community develops one of the 10 skills mentioned by the World Economic Forum in its Futures of Work report for the year 2025, which refers to creativity, originality and initiative Is. Through a professional project, each student will transform an idea into a practical innovative project.

data shared by Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) points out that, in 2022, only three out of 10 STEM professionals will be women; So there is still a long way to go.

It is essential to contribute to the empowerment of girls and youth and bring them closer to the world of STEM, as well as provide them with support to strengthen their academic and professional skills and competencies.” Yasminda Penaacademic director Techmillenio High School,

Success Stories: Pink Hawks

pink eagle they are the first team robotic Mexico is 100% female, made up of high school students between the ages of 15 and 18; and professional advisor of Campus Tecmilenio Toluca. It was created out of a need for young people to get involved in robotics, showing that women could also break down barriers around “professions” or “tasks” that previously could only be filled by men.

The stories of empowerment, confidence and personal growth in each of the young women on the Robotics team are incredible and inspiring. Seeing them grow, and how they are building their future in careers with a technical focus, we as an institution need to continue to develop innovative educational models for the benefit of their education,” he shared. Claudia Gutierrez LacayoThe identity and vision of the leader of Prepa Tecmilenio.

According to the organization, after being a part of the competition, the interest of the youth in choosing a career related to STEM is 88 percent.

In 2020, the Pink Hawks won the President’s Award, the most prestigious award in that season’s competition.

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