closes the Obi, only one doctor in the shift

SENIGALLIA – The head of the emergency room is positive for Coronavirus who, in an already precarious situation in terms of staff shortages, also sees his guide missing for the next few days. «I’m fine – reassures Dr. Gianfranco Maracchini, director of the Emergency Department – for now I have only a few lines of fever, a little cough, sore throat and cold. If this continues it looks like a flu-like illness. ‘

The result of the swab arrived yesterday. The direct consequence will be the closure of the Obi, which followed him directly. In the absence of a brief observation, patients who cannot be discharged will be admitted to the wards. Since last Tuesday there has also been a shift with only one doctor.
Never before, so much so that the head physician himself, together with the director of the hospital, had sent a letter written jointly to the Prefect on Monday afternoon, asking for a meeting to explain the situation. A meeting that, should it be granted, due to the positivity of the primary, will not take place in a short time. For information, it was also sent to company and political top management, including the mayor Massimo Olivetti. «I don’t know the Prefect’s intentions and how he intends to move – explains the mayor -, I received a copy of the letter, without further communications in this regard. Of course I am worried about the situation that has arisen in the emergency room. Honestly, I don’t know how that goes. The shortage of doctors in the emergency room has become a national problem, which we here in Senigallia have been suffering from for a long time ». The mayor urged Asur and the Region.
«Both have been activated – he says – and some tenders have come out, now we hope that some reinforcement will come from there. The real problem is that there are no doctors willing to work in the ER. I am very worried because we are not already able to cope with the ordinary and with the arrival of summer there will be an increase in users that, with the current resources, the department will not be able to satisfy ». In the meantime, the work continues during the day with only one doctor who, in the afternoon, is joined by a partner. At night the second still comes from other departments.


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