Club America reacts unexpectedly to Chiefs’ consecration

The statistics spoke eloquently and determined the birth of a new dynasty.this kansas city chiefs painfully imposed on San Francisco 49ers from an unstoppable hand patrick mahomes Achieve second consecutive championship National Football League It is also the third time in five years. While the effects at different latitudes around the world are not surprising, some are larger.For example, he american club He didn’t want to be left out and celebrated with the day’s big winner. Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

The 25-22 overtime win follows wins in 1969, 2019 and 2022, all three titles won by MahomesAt age 28, he became the first quarterback to win three rings.The last team to successfully defend the title was patriots Starting twenty years ago in 2003/2004.

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According to regulations, after the two sides tied 19-19 within 60 minutes, the game had to enter overtime. over there, san francisco They scored first but the shot that gave them the lead was not enough to achieve glory. They gave Mahomes another chance, but he didn’t forgive. The final drive included two key quarterback runs, one on fourth down and the other on a 20-yard gain.He defined the game with a touchdown pass with just seconds left. Merkel Hardman.

America, now

Although there are several options to follow the live broadcast, a large number of Internet users choose social networks so as not to miss any details. the word”super bowl”, the names of the two finalists, important surnames in the field and stars indirectly involved (e.g. Lionel Messi and Taylor Swift) became a hot topic on the platform X.

also appeared american cluban institution congratulates Travis Kelce and the rest kansas city chiefs to get the trophy Vince Lombardi inside super bowl fifty-eightAfter winning 25-22 in overtime San Francisco 49ers.

“Congratulations to Travis Kelce and all of the Kansas City Chiefs for becoming Super Bowl XVIII champions,” the entity wrote on the social network, along with a photo of the tight end wearing team gear. . eagles.

Travis KelceThe three-time Super Bowl champion was cautious in the first half, but he was more engaged in the second quarter, finishing with nine catches for 93 yards.With these numbers, he equals Rob Gronkowski Became the player with the second most receptions in Super Bowl history (29), ranking only behind the legend San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice (33), he also won the same number of laurels during his career on the court.

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