CNN fired presenter Chris Cuomo for making New York state governor’s brother sexual harassment

Prior to his final release, Chris Cuomo, presenter and host of a news daily broadcast at 21, was temporarily suspended from duties.

“We asked the law firm to investigate the case and then made the decision to resign from its services immediately,” explained a statement posted on Twitter. “Further information was disclosed in the course of the investigation,” incriminating the journalist.

Documents released following an investigation commissioned by the New York State Assembly, which yielded “overwhelming evidence” of sexual harassment of women by a former governor, also found that Chris Cuomo was advising his brother on how to recover from oppression, which CNN leadership found incompatible with journalistic ethics.

“These documents, which we had not seen before, provoke very serious questions,” the spokesman of the station said on Tuesday, pointing out that the journalist’s involvement in defending his brother was “wider than originally assumed”.

Sexual harassment

Chris Cuomo, 51, has never denied that he was trying to help his older brother. During the hearings in July, he declared that he would do whatever his 64-year-old brother asked him to do.

A total of 11 women accuse him of having sexually harassed Cuomo the Elder over a decade. In October, Andrew Cumo was found guilty of sexual aggression against his former associate. The harassment took place in December 2020.

On November 22, the New York State Assembly announced the results of an investigation that contained “devastating evidence” of sexual harassment of women by the former governor. There were also other allegations. A report by the lower house of the New York state parliament blames Cuomo, among others about using his subordinates to prepare his book on Covid-19 during office hours.

The investigation into Chris Cuomo, the governor’s brother, is yet to be completed and will continue despite his dismissal, CNN management said.

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