CODOGNO A 27 year old in a daze in a damaged car

CODOGNO A 27 year old in a daze in a damaged car

She was stopped in time by carabinieri and 118

It was stopped at the entrance to the San Biagio district, in a badly altered and shaken state so much that it was required to be transported to the hospital. A 27-year-old who was along viale Duca d’Aosta in Codogno was reached by carabinieri and ambulance just before 11pm on Thursday. The young woman was driving a seriously ill vehicle, with one of the four tires, according to what she learned, now reduced to nothing, as well as part of the front bumper.

On the spot, therefore, the carabinieri immediately found that the woman was in a state of severe alteration, so much so that she had to resort to transport to the emergency room. The health workers of the Codogno Red Cross then brought her the first necessary treatment, then led her in a yellow code to the city hospital after having reassured her, while the military of the Arma will conduct the classic investigations for a possible complaint for driving under the influence of alcohol or of alteration. It should also be clarified what she may have impacted to damage the car, and how far she had traveled in those conditions.


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