Coffee, watch out for Autogrill if you have to get back in the car: it’s not what you think

Many people – especially on long and difficult journeys – prefer to stop and leave immediately after having a coffee. A right custom if done in small doses, but absolutely counterproductive in case of excesses! Let’s go see the right moves to do if you are tired!

Driving coffee – Motori.News

It will have happened to all of having to face long journeys by car and wanting to speed up the times to reach their destination soon. We are not just talking about high speeds – which, in addition to the law, we also strongly advise against in order not to jeopardize your safety and that of other road users – but actually a ‘trick’ which allows you not to stay too long!

We refer to the intake of coffee just before getting back behind the wheel! A move that is made by most people, but which in some cases can be counterproductive and risky. What is there to know about drinking coffee while driving?

Coffee is a drink known to guarantee improved attention and concentration, improving our physical and intellectual abilities even in particular moments of fatigue! But what is the best thing to do if you are tired driving? Here’s everything you didn’t know about coffee!

Driving coffee
Driving coffee: here’s what you need to know – Motori.News

Driving coffee: here’s what you need to know!

Driving coffee is a good move if you are tired but not too tired. Instead, it is absolutely not recommended if you have been behind the wheel for many hours and are therefore very tired. The effect of the coffee, in fact, will last very little and after a few minutes you will be more tired than before! So what to do in case of fatigue?

For these reasons, drinking coffee while driving in particular moments of fatigue could be counterproductive! We always recommend that another passenger on board drive the car. Taking over, in fact, will allow you to rest and be able to face the journey “all a tirade”, as they say in the jargon! If, on the other hand, you are very tired and you are traveling alone, the best advice we can give you is to stop in a lay-by and rest for a few hours!

Coffee behind the wheel
Coffee behind the wheel: the right and wrong moves to make – Motori.News

The journey will be longer, but you will return to driving with greater concentration and less fatigue!

Many people take a big risk in not stopping to rest, taking coffee or other energizing drinks one after the other at the Autogrill to continue to be vigilant behind the wheel! A massive dose of coffee or other caffeinated beverages, in fact, will increase the heart rate, risking to make you encounter other serious problems! A move, therefore, absolutely wrong! Rest is the best weapon to be lucid behind the wheel and not to be a stray mine on the road! Do not overdo it, therefore, never with coffee while driving or even with too many consecutive hours behind the wheel of your four-wheeled vehicle!

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