Coins, check the 2 euro coins well: some are treasures

Examples of coins capable of being worth hundreds of times their face value. In some cases we speak of real treasures.

The euro, despite its young age is already capable of offering collectors from all over the world, true coin enthusiasts, some specimens worthy of being considered small treasures. In the specific case we will talk of a particular cut exclusively used by the various countries for celebratory purposes. Real pearls often still in circulation.


In this particular caseas anticipated we will find ourselves talking about a specific coin, a denomination in particular used by the various countries for commemorative or celebratory purposes. Obviously most of the specimens in question are still in circulation even if in almost all cases it is right to consider how extremely rare these “pieces” are. In short, looking for them is certainly not easy how it might look.

In the last period there are certainly not a few examples of 2 euros, belonging to different series minted by the various member countries of the monetary union, to be chased by enthusiasts from all over the world. So as previously reported it is cut of specimens with a commemorative or celebratory characteristic, often therefore coined in a certain way, with finishes and images that stand out in the eyes for the very quality of the representations.

The collecting contextmoreover, making use of the web presence in recent years, he has been able to involve as never before new groups of enthusiasts enticed by the amount of information available absolutely free. Characteristics of the various specimens to be analyzed and compared, but also the possibility of trying their hand at private sales or even to participate in organized auctions often from the same web platforms.

Coins, the 2 euro denomination and its incredible treasures: here are the most sought-after pieces

2 euros Grace Kelly
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The 2 euro versions currently circulating in Europe there are about 200, each of these clearly carries with it its own story, its own personal experience, in short, associated to that perhaps of an event concerning a single country or a historical figure particularly esteemed and considered by the same national context.

The most striking case of a 2 euro specimen perhaps it concerns what affected the Principality of Monaco in 2007. A coin celebrating the 25th anniversary of the death of Princess Grace Kelly, who tragically passed away in 1982. Very few copies made for a coin right away conceived exclusively for the collectors marketthe. To date, its value, in excellent storage conditions, would easily exceed 3 thousand euros.

However, there are many examples that while not reaching very high figures are ready to join the ranks of the most valuable ones. All this, considering at least the cut in question. Among these we can find:

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  • San Marino 2004, homage to Bartolomeo Borghesi, a well-known Italian historian who distinguished himself in the field of numismatics and archeology. Its value is between 130 and 200 euros.
  • Vatican 2005, 100 thousand pieces minted to celebrate World Youth Day in Cologne. In perfect storage conditions, this specimen can be worth around 300 euros.
  • Germany 2008, The evaluation of this example coined in 2007 is linked to a real minting error. The German Mint did not consider in a representation the new countries adhering to the monetary community and minted coins with the previous version of the geographical map. The error in questiontoday, it can be worth up to 50 euros.

Numerous coins, in short, which can make the happiness of collectors capable of finding them around Europe and beyond. In some cases, truly unique pieces that can reach quite interesting valuations. Exemplary immediately capable of marking a specific epoch and of place themselves as real testimonies for a specific period of time. In short, the magic that accompanies specific objects can really know no limits.

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