Colbún’s 100% renewable energy provided free of charge to customers grows 219% in 2022

WhatWho Was it advertising?

amount of renewable energy Kolbun Marketed and certified among its customers in 2022 tripled compared to 2021 – reaching 4,668 GWh energy per year -. In turn, the number of certified companies increased to 88 from 79 in 2021.

How has this market developed?

The market for large energy consumers—the so-called free consumers—has grown explosively in recent years, given the growing trend in favor of one of the 100% renewable energy supply, Colbún’s clients include a diverse universe of retail mining companies, agricultural companies, food companies, alcohol companies, cement companies, and many more, among others.

What did he say about the Kolbun hydroelectric plant?

“Our customers drive us to continue to innovate and are the engines of energy change. They are the ones who demand more and more renewable energy from us through their sustainability goals. At Colbún we aim to supply this renewable energy But it also has to be safe, continuous and 24/7, for which our reservoirs in the south and the storage projects we have in the north play an increasingly important role. Said Jose Ignacio EscobarColbun CEO.

What was the context?

Statements were made during the meeting. “A Sustainable Future: Celebrating Companies Committed to Clean Energy”instance in which Kolbun recognized the 88 free customers who received their Energy Certificate without emissions.

What does this recognition mean?

These certificates were prepared with data verified by the firm EY Chiliguarantee that the companies joining this initiative have a 100% renewable energy supply, taken together, the amount of Certified Energy in 2022 to avoid emissions of more than allowed one million tons CO2 per year, which is equivalent to removing 374,000 cars from circulation or planting more than 13 million trees.

What is the vision of a large consumer company?

Valentina Lira Sustainability Manager Of Concha y Toro Vineyard customer company of Kolbun– addressed the company’s tasks and challenges with regard to the use of Renewable energy,

What were his words?

“We started down this path many years ago and today we see it being consolidated through initiatives like our Colbún certification and our Green-E certification, which allows us to label our products. Such initiatives will need to continue to develop so that more companies can connect to clean and decarbonized energy through responsible and renewable generators such as Colbún.

What are the areas of certified companies?

With regard to the clients that have obtained this certification, a variety of sectors (agribusiness, food, commerce and supermarkets, mining, and technology, among others) stand out, as well as their location throughout Chile (Arica to Puerto Montt As far as). This diversity demonstrates the relevance of caring for the environment for these companies.

How is this recognition assessed?

He Colbún, commercial manager of Juan SalinasI confirm “Renewable Energy Certification by Colbun is a reliable, transparent, traceable and auditable process, which allows us to guarantee that companies, industries and businesses’ energy consumption comes from 100% renewable energy sources. This certification Our customers have a commitment to sustainable growth, and we want to be an ally in that process.”

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