Colds, how to prevent it with nutrition: here’s what to eat

We are witnessing a sudden change in temperatures and all this can lead to cold strokes that can lead to colds. So let’s see what to eat to prevent it through nutrition.

cold how to prevent it feeding what to eat
Cold (Canva)


We have gone from 30 or more degrees to not exceeding the threshold of 20: this sharp drop in temperatures can certainly cause the first illnesses of the season such as fever, flu or cold. The sudden change of season can also lead to a lowering of immunitary defense and their safety against pathogens. For these reasons it is necessary to intervene both throughmotor activityvery useful for strengthening the immune system, and through thePower supply implementing foods that can achieve this goal. So let’s go see cdares to eat to prevent seasonal colds.

Colds, how to prevent it with nutrition: here’s what to eat

In the first place, the consumption of foods containing large quantities of C vitamin. This is because this substance helps our body to favor the absorption of iron, to increase the immune defenses and to protect cells from oxidation.

vitamin c deficiency symptoms
Vitamin C (Canva)

So what foods to bring to the table? Not only citrus fruits but also kiwi, pomegranate, broccoli, currants, spinach, potatoes and cabbage. Likewise some too spices can help us achieve the desired goal: increasing the consumption of chili, ginger and turmeric during the week is a great way to avoid contracting a cold.

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The sulfur it is another very important substance for the body as it decreases the chances of bacterial proliferation inside us. Foods rich in sulfur are garlic, onions, shallots and vegetables from crucifers. It is also even more important to have a good feast of probiotics: they are contained in some types of yogurt and in some foods little known in the West such as kefir, tempeh and miso.

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Finally, we must not neglect the foods rich in zinc since they have a fundamental and protective role in correlation of the immune system. It will therefore be necessary to increase the weekly intake of foods such as fish, white and red meats, legumes, eggs, nuts and cereals.

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