Colombia defeats Venezuela in World Cup qualifying debut

from the end World Cup, Columbia The team has made a good start to the 2026 World Cup, defeating Venezuela 1-0 in their first South American qualifying match on Thursday (7th) with the support of their fans. The only goal of the match was scored by Bolle from a cross from Arias. fluminense.

The home team took control of the match from the beginning. Although they boasted 79% possession in the first half, they were unable to create scoring opportunities. In the best case, Cuadrado and Matheus Uribe were wasted.

However, on the way back to the second stage, the finish line came less than a minute later. After just 20 seconds, John Arias crossed for Rafael Bolle to take the lead through defenders. Colombia gained an advantage on the scoreboard and continued to pose a threat, especially Luis Diaz.

James Rodriguez, midfielder sao paulocame on in the 28th minute and made a good pass, but was unable to score.

Both teams will resume play next Tuesday (12th). Venezuelans welcome Paraguay while Colombians visit Chile.

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