Colombian likely murdered by her ex-partner in US: What’s known

A Colombian woman named Liliana Concha was the victim of a femicide on Tuesday (January 9) in the United States, where she had been living for several years.

Her attacker, a man believed to be her former lover, lured her into attending a purported business meeting before murdering her before taking his own life.

Around noon, authorities in Raleigh, North Carolina, received a call about a suicide threat on the street on Torrington Avenue and immediately responded to the situation.

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However, Upon arrival, they found two lifeless bodies, a man and a woman, both with gunshot wounds.

“During the course of the investigation, officers located the location of a deceased adult male with injuries consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Additionally, at the same location, there was a deceased adult female who suffered a gunshot wound,” the police department report said media knows North Carolina Latino Links.

The man apparently committed suicide and was confirmed to be Gerardo Obando (Guatemala)and the deceased woman is Liliana Concha, Colombian, MedellinHe has two children and is well-liked by the Latin community.

Both men worked for COGU Realty, Investments & Consulting, a Raleigh-based real estate investment firm.

The 55-year-old Colombian was in a relationship with Gerardo Obando some time ago, but they broke up about two years ago.

Although, They stay in touch as working partners. This was the man’s excuse for meeting her.

Authorities have not confirmed or provided further details that Obando murdered her, although that is the strongest hypothesis.

Get help so you don’t do something crazy.

“Mental health is a huge issue and my sister is a victim of victims. I ask people to seek help if they are not feeling well,” he told karakol news Liliana’s younger brother.

He also said they needed the embassy’s help to obtain a humanitarian visa for the woman’s mother “at least so she can come and bury her.”

On the other hand, not long after, his friends and relatives sent messages of regret for his death. Many people remember how hard-working and enterprising she was, and how “enthusiastic and smiling” she was every day.

“Yes, I will always remember you with a smile, a friend, and a passion for what you did. Your passing has touched the hearts of many and your passing has left gaps and questions that will never be answered,” one a colleague said on her social network.


If you or a woman around you is a victim of psychological, physical, financial or sexual violence, you can call the national hotline 155.

Likewise, you can call the hotline of the Attorney General’s Office (national number: 018000919748), dial 122 from a mobile phone or in Bogotá 601 5702000.

If you are in Bogotá, you can also call the Purple Hotline of the Women’s Secretariat: 018000112137.

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