Colombo leads the Azzurrini

Live Italy-Japan U21 1-0 (38 ‘Colombo)

47 ‘ – Canceled the 2-0 to Sebastiano Esposito for a slight offside position.

46 ‘ – Nicolato sends in Cambiaso and Parisi for Udogie and Bellanova, in Japan Fuijo takes the place of Honda.

45 ‘ – Saito from outside, Caprile blocks, then Suzuki tries in vain. Here ends the first half with a score of 1-0 in favor of the azzurrini

44 ‘ – Suzuki from outside, Italy makes a wall and starts on the counterattack concluded by Bellanova, who kicks high.

43 ‘ – Colombo tries again: the Japanese defense rejects his header.

38 & # 39; – GOAL OF ITALY U21: very serious mistake by the Japanese defense, Esposito steals the ball from Handa and Colombo signs the 1-0 with a splendid left-handed shot.

37 ‘ – Again Hosoya with a stake from the ground, Caprile rejects, then the blue defense walls Saito and frees the area.

36 ‘ – Japan one step away from the lead, with Hosoya looking for the touch under face to face with Caprile: ball out.

35 ‘ – Esposito tries from a tight angle, a conclusion deflected for a corner, on whose developments Fagioli looks for the ballistic volley with a high coefficient of difficulty, with the ball far from the mirror.

29 ‘ – Nice ball by Scalvini for Colombo, the ball picks up speed on the wet ground and favors Sasaki’s exit.

25 ‘ – Suzuki tries with the left-handed from the edge, replies the Italian defense.

18 ‘ – First conclusion of the Azzurrini: Udogie’s poisonous right-foot goes out on the bottom by very little.

17 ‘ – Hosoya sees Caprile out of the posts and tries to lob from distance, the ball ends up high.

13 ‘ – Bellanova again on the bottom, ball stretched in the middle, ball slightly too long for Udogie.

8 ‘ – Cross from Bellanova at the far post, Handa anticipates Udogie.

2′ – Naivety of the Japanese goalkeeper, Rovella does not feel like kicking first intention and the action fades.

1 ‘ – Go! For the first time the Italy Under 21 faces the same age of Japan.

The official formations of Italy-Japan U21

ITALY (3-5-2): Caprile; Pirola, Scalvini, Viti; Bellanova, Fagioli, Rovella, Vignato, Udogie; Colombo, Seb. Esposito. Ct: Nicolato.

JAPAN (3-4-3): Sasaki; Handa, Nishio, Kato; Suzuki, Honda, Fujita, Tanaka; Yamada, Saito, Hosoya. Ct: Oiwa.

REFEREE: Sanchez Martinez (Spain).
ASSISTANTS: Cabanero Martinez and Lopez Mir.
IV MAN: Dionysus.

How to watch Italy-Japan U21 on TV and in streaming

The friendly between Italy-Japan staged today at 3.30 pm at the Patini stadium in Castel di Sangro will be visible in the clear on Rai Sport. The match will also be visible in streaming on the RaiPlay platform.

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