Columbia. The day of the police school was celebrated with images of Adolf Hitler and swastikas

Students and teachers of the Police School of Simon Bolivar in the city of Tulua in the west of Colombia celebrated the week of “internationalization” of the facility by decorating it with swastikas and changing into Nazi-era uniforms, reported the Colombian daily El Espectador. Colombian President Ivan Duque condemned the use of Nazi symbols related to the Holocaust.

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The school was decorated on Thursday with German inscriptions, swastikas, and a replica of the Luftwaffe plane was placed in front of it. Students and teachers dressed up in Gestapo uniforms, cameras also registered one employee dressed as Adolf Hitler, the police informed.

Yackeline Navarro, the national director of police schools in Colombia, condemned the incident and announced the dismissal of the director of the facility. “The national headquarters of police schools and the state police want to officially apologize to the Jewish community and all those who have offended this unfortunate event,” she said.

The German ambassador to Colombia, Peter Ptassek, tweeted that “the German embassy together with the Israeli embassy jointly reject any defense and celebration of Nazism.” The ambassador also thanked the Colombian police for their quick response to the events in Tului.

Colombian President Ivan Duque also referred to the matter on his Twitter account. “Any justification for Nazism is unacceptable. I condemn any form of reference to symbols referring to those who were responsible for the Holocaustthat claimed the lives of over 6 million people. There is no place for anti-Semitism in the world, ”wrote the politician.

Pursuant to Art. 102 of Colombia’s Criminal Code to praise or defend genocide is a crime. “Anyone who in any way disseminates ideas or doctrines that promote genocide or anti-Semitism, or in any way justifies or seeks to rehabilitate the regimes or institutions generating these crimes, will be sentenced to a prison sentence of 96 to 180 months.”

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